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New Twiangulate features: biggest followers, smallest friends, and common followers

Last week we soft-launched a bunch of new features to help you untangle the mysteries of who is who on Twitter.

You can now:

a) Identify an individual's most influential followers. Wonder who's really influential?  This is your search.  In theory this search is "biggest followers," except we've weeded out all those people who follow more thatn 11k, figuring those follows are automatic or spam. Whatever they are, they're not meaningful. What remains are pure influentials. For example, here are my most influential followers.

b) Identify an individual's smallest friends. We figure that the smallest tweeps that a big tweeter follows are probably some of the most personally relevant to that person.  For example, here are @GStephanopoulos's smallest friends.

c) Identify the biggest followers of two or three tweeps.  I'm still trying to figure out why this is actually useful, but several people have asked for it, so we've done it. For example, wonder who the 456 people are who follow @dsearls, @davewiner and @dweinberger in common?

As always, you can still do the "who do a + b + c follow?" search to get a list of incredibly relevant people you might want to follow within a given company or industry or neighborhood.

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