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Biggest Twitter followers

Use this search to compare two or three tweeps and see who has the biggest set of followers.

Running a political campaign and want to know how your candidate is doing versus the other candidates? Think that @aplusk has the biggest followers even if @britneyspears has more followers? Want to know which social media influentials are listening to your competition but not you? This is the feature for you. After all, its not just the size of your following, its what you do with it.

To get a feel for how this works, compare @britneyspears, @aplusk and @theellenshow or @sarahpalinusa, @SenJohnMcCain and @newtgingrich or@HarvardBiz, @NintendoNews and @fastcompany or @gruber, @ginatrapani and @zeldman. As you'll see, the left-most column displays, in photo form, which of the three target tweeps an individual is following.

You can also use this feature to learn who your 100 biggest followers are just by entering your Twitter nickname in the first field.

If you want to book-mark this page, here's the URL: http://twiangulate.com/search/#biggest_followers

In returning these results, we ignore results containing tweeps who follow more than 11k people, figuring that those follow decisions don't reflect an actual interest in what his/her friends are tweeting.